We promise that the menu on this website is pretty much, most of the time,
fairly up to date and accurate, except for when it isn’t.


May 2017


cornbread & biscuits 4
bourbon jalapeno butter

fried pickles(v) 5
dill ranch

roasted beets(gf) 6
herbs, parmesan

ham grenades(gf) 7
ham & cheese tater tots, apple beet relish, mayo

crispy cauliflower(v) 7
apples, blue cheese, walnuts

pimento cheese(v) 6
dip, chilli crackers, dill, celery

chicken liver pate 8
pickles, focaccia

scotch egg 8
venison sausage, pickled mushrooms, house mustard

mac & cheese 12
smoked ham hock, four cheese, charred green chilli

smoked tuna 14
raw, spicy eggplant, black eyed pea puree, toasted cornbread

shrimp & grits 16
grilled shrimp, cheddar, butternut squash, white beans, chorizo crisps



heirloom tomato salad(v) 13
watermelon, mint, hazelnut, buttermilk ricotta

cobb salad 16
crispy chicken skin, pork belly, egg, blue cheese, avocado

warm mushrooms & kale(v) 13
roasted, garlic parmesan dressing, breadcrumbs, garlic chips

blackened fish po’boy 16
spicy, fennel cucumber slaw, herb mayo, fries

smoked brisket grilled cheese 15
3 cheese, green tomato relish, brioche, fries

burger 17
cheddar, tomato, butter lettuce, tomato relish, fries



potato gnocchi(v) 18
oyster mushrooms, peas, asparagus, ricotta, pine nuts

the fried chicken 21
sweet potato & cheddar waffle, habanero honey, slaw, gravy

pork chop 24
grilled, collard greens, turnips, cornbread stuffing, salsa verde

pan seared ling cod(gf) 23
bacon, oven dried tomatoes, corn bisque, fingerling potatoes, cilantro

hanger steak 25
broccoli, asparagus, smoked potato, red wine sauce



deep fried apple 9
vanilla ice cream stuffed, rice crispy crust, milk caramel

beignet 9
fried to order, coffee caramel sauce

mississippi mud pie 9
chocolate, chocolate crust, more chocolate, cream cheese mousse

bread pudding (allow 15mins) 12
blueberry, white chocolate, candied almonds, vanilla ice cream

3 scoops of ice cream 6
um, well, it’s 3 scoops of ice cream