Mamie Taylor Cocktail List

Summer 2018

mamie taylor 12
scotch, fresh lime juice, ginger beer, angostura bitters

old fashioned ‘on tap” 16
american whiskey, bitters, sugar

the summer of spritz 14
aperol, bubbles, something delicious — ask your server for details

between two fernets 13
gin, house vermouth, fernet branca, lemon, honey

juan moore 14
mezcal, tequila, aperol, fresh lime, bitters

impeached iced tea 13
peach whiskey, fresh lemon, bitters, house made iced tea

three’s company 14
tequila, vermouth, fresh grapefruit, bitters, good company lager

detroit rock city 13
american whiskey, lillet blanc, amaro, bitters

swim up bar 14
tequila, vermouth, orange, pineapple, fresh lime, bitters

ducati thief 14
cynar, gin, fresh grapefruit, sparkling wine

every rose has its thorn 15
gin, yellow chartreuse, vermouth, fresh lemon, bitters

mexico city 13
reposado tequila, cointreau, fernet branca, bitters

negroni “on tap” 14
gin, campari, vermouth